Frequestly Asked Questions:

Can I freeze the cakes/cookies?

Yes absolutely! Our range of cakes are make using oil which means they stay moist for longer than traditional cakes made with butter/marg.

Can I use oils other than the suggested Olive Oil?

Yes - of course. Most cooking oils will work just as well although flavoured oils and those with a very strong flavour are best avoided. Vegetable oil works well.

What size baking tin should I use for the cakes?

We suggest a 9in tin but obviosly it depends on what you have in the cupboard. We suggest that if you intend to make two halves and sandwich the cakes together then you will need to reduce the baking time.

What kind of milk is best to add to the brownies?

Any plant based milk is fine - we like Oat Milk best but its entirely up to you. It even works with water if you have no milk!